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Producing Chinese organic tea

   Organic Pu'er tea from the Lahu people    

The Lahu people are one of the official ethnic groups in China. We speak our own language and are spread over the Yunnnan province of China, the north-east of Myanmar and the north of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Most of the  1 million Lahu people are yet living in the Lancang Lahu Autonomous County bordering  Myanmar. The nearest large city, Pu'er, has become famous for it's tea all over the world. We have been cultivating organic tea for thousands of years and it now has become part of our culture.

Ye'ai organic Pu'er tea is made from the oldest and finest tea trees, usually being more than 60 years old. We use traditional methods and packagings to preserve the unique aromas of the tea. Our Pu'er tea is certified as organic by independent organisms. You'll learn more about how to drink this unique organic tea by reading the articles from our Chinese tea blog

Our Pu'er tea is shipped and stocked in Berlin, Germany, in order to ensure fast and safe delivery for your purchases, as well as to provide high-quality customer service to our clients, in German, English, or Mandarin Chinese.

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